House regulations

House regulations villa in de ardennen

House regulations

  • Unfortunately, our neighbours regularly complain about the behaviour/noise of our renters, especially when it comes to noise pollution. We kindly request you to take our neighbours into consideration and respect nature and sanctuary. Open fire and firework is not allowed. In case it is reported, you will be fined. Please make sure you don’t cause any nuisance. No radio on outside the house, no yelling, no screaming. From 10.00 pm to 07.00 am you have to respect our neighbours’ night rest.
  • Please don’t move any furniture. It might lead to unnecessary damage and wear to furniture and floors. The manager might charge extra costs if furniture have to be replaced.
  • Don’t open rooms or cupboards which have been locked. This is private property.
  • Don’t throw anything in toilets, baths, washbasins, drains etc.; no tampons, sanitary towels, diapers, panty shields. Don’t throw any environmental-unfriendly cleansing agents such as chlorine and fats in toilets or drain. It will cause serious stoppages!
  • Always use bed linen. If not, we might charge cleaning costs of pillows, sheets and mattresses.
  • If you use the fireplace, please pay attention you control the fire and don’t use wet wood. It might lead to chimney fires. In case you don’t know exactly how the fireplace works, please ask the manager. Use wood from the supermarket or petrol station in Manhay, don’t remove wood from the forest.
  • Respect the surroundings! The forest is a sanctuary and may therefore not be entered.
  • Don’t stoke up the fire in the forest!
  • Possible deficiencies should be reported to the manager within 24 hours upon arrival. Please report possible damages during your stay before departure, so the manager can fix things before the next guests will arrive. Generally, you have been insured against damage according to the conditions mentioned in the insurance policy.
  • In Belgium, you should not deposit glass in the dustbin, but in the bottle bank. Therefore, we kindly request you to deposit your glass in the bottle banks, which you will find in any city.
  • In villa Saffier a dog is allowed, in consultation. In the other villas, pets are not allowed.

Access road

The access road to the house has not been asphalted and is rather steep, which might be awkward for motorcyclists. In winter skid chains are necessary.

Use of swimming pool (Opaal and Saffier)

  • The owner is not responsible in case of an accident or drowning.
  • Make sure persons/children without swimming certificate never use the swimming pool unwatched.
  • It is not allowed to walk on the pool cover.
  • It is not allowed to bring drinks, food or other objects which might harm or damage the swimming pool (water) to swimming pool, sauna or pool room.
  • Always place the pool cover over the swimming pool, especially at night.
  • In case of emergency you can call the international alarm number 112 and mention the following address: Hé du Seigneur 23 (Saffier) or 27 (Opaal), Manhay, Belgium.